Sunday, January 1, 2012

Free 1 Euro Voip Pc to Phone Calls - Daily! offering free credit voip pc to phone calls daily, everyday they post at their web page 1 free account to make Free pc to phone calls, if you need to call someone and need account you can check there, good luck!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sign Up and Get Free Minutes to calls from MobeeFree

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MobeeFree offer who sign up can get Free Minutess to call India Mobile, Bangladesh Mobile and Pakistan Mobile, Sign up today and try it!

features of MobeeFree:

Make calls from your Computer

Download the mobeefree PC dialer and make inexpensive, high quality calls from your computer.

Make calls from your Mobile Phone

Download the mobeefree mobile VoIP dialer and make inexpensive, high quality calls. Available on multiple handsets. Download now!

Make calls from your Home Phone

Need to make calls from home? No problem. Make calls from your home phone using Web Call Back or configure your VoIP device with mobeefree.

Send SMS Messages

Send inexpensive SMS messages to your friends and family using mobeefree from your mobile phone or computer.

Sign Up and get free minutes:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Free 20% VoIP Credit from FastVoIP

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Save on your international phone calls with FastVoip and enjoy a free 20% credit when using cashU. Just use "CASHU20" on checkout to benefit from this special offer.

About Fastvoip

Making calls through FastVoip is becoming increasingly popular. Customers are looking for less expensive international calling solutions.

FastVoip uses Tulp Solutions technology. Customers are assured of high calling quality and has a large number of customers who use FastVoip to decrease their costs.

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